Stuart and Stephen from Cycle Brighton - Sigodu Partners

by Iliyana Dimitrova

February 27, 2019

Cycle Brighton is a young bike hire company, offering bike rentals and bike tours in the vibrant City of Brighton and Hove. Check them out here.


Inspired by a holiday bike rental experience in Spain, they saw a need for a similar business in Brighton, offering great service and the best routes in the area. They opened their hire centre in 2014 and it now welcomes visitors from all over the world.

Cycle Brighton's range includes road and off-road bikes for adults and children. Their selection of high-quality electric bikes gives customers an opportunity to go explore even further. Their routes include cycling through the city's historical gems and coast as well as trail riding in the South Downs National Park.

Challenges before Sigodu

Before using Sigodu, Cycle Brighton had to spend a lot of time training seasonal staff members with their previous booking solution.

"We realised very quickly that having a good booking system is essential, otherwise very quickly you get 'Which bike is where, who's got it, when is it coming back and when is it available for hire again?'. The system is easy to use, reliable and clear in its functionality.", Stephen shares.


Another issue for them was the Bike Share scheme that was launched in Brighton in 2017 and was a direct competition. This took the everyday 'convenience' customers away, and meant Cycle Brighton could focus on providing an excellent 'experience'.

Cycle Brighton found in Sigodu the online booking system needed to provide a smooth customer experience and to easily integrate with their website.

"The kind of support we've been given from Sigodu has been fantastic for both our online presence, and supporting the integration with our website. That has been a real added value for us." - Stephen, owner

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