New Features: Overbooking and Export Bookings

by Iliyana Dimitrova

March 20, 2019

Just out! Two new features are now up and running to further personalise the Sigodu experience.

Have you ever needed to make a booking in two months but your bike hasn’t arrived yet? Is a bike in the workshop ready to be fixed by the day of the booking but you can't book it?

All this is now possible!

Overbooking lets you have more bookings than your resources allow safely.  You will receive a notification if an overbooking has been made or has been resolved.

Choose from a selection of tools and ideas to help you fix a double booking before the customer turns up!

Export Bookings - now you can export booking information in a .CSV or .XLSX file. Take your booking information and use it as a spreadsheet.

Also, you can customise the fields you need and export in the preferred format.

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