Recycle your old inner tubes and help fight poverty

by Iliyana Dimitrova

November 22, 2018

Our mission is to save every single inner tube in the UK from going to landfill.

- Cycle of Good

Who runs the initiative?

Cycle of Good are part of a hub of social enterprises, situated in Chilomoni Township, Malawi. They have been helping locals earn a decent living for the last 10 years!
All collected funds to go a vital children's centre, providing around 2000 vulnerable young children with care and family support.

How does the recycling work?

After collecting the inners tubes, they are sent in shipping containers to Malawi. There, local tailors, employed by Cycle of Good, clean and craft the inner tubes into the most fantastic wallets, bags and other accessories.


Suprise friends and family with meaningful gifts this Christmas whilst keeping it green.
We got one of Cycle of Good's amazing wallets too!


How to get involved?

Recently, Cycle of Good released their Tube Drop-Off Point Map. To become a drop-off point and join the initiative, you can email them at With very little effort, your bike rental shop can contribute to support whole families in Malawi.

Find more info, as well as some great promotional leaflets and posters here to spread the word with your customers and visitors.