You'll Love Our New Online Booking Assistant

by Iliyana Dimitrova

April 20, 2019

The new, upgraded online booking assistant is out to give you and your customers the most advanced customisable experience!

We've been testing the BETA version of the online booking assistant for a month. It increased conversions by a further 23% compared to the last booking assistant.

We're convinced the new booking assistant will help you to provide better online customer experiences resulting in increased conversions!

Explore some of its best features.

• Super fast and immersive mobile bookings experience with fewer progress steps:

• The new language translation feature allows you to translate the online booking assistant's interface into any language:​

• You can now customise the booking assistant to fit your brand better choosing a matching colour scheme.

• A simplified process of adding extras and add-ons to customer's bikes.

• You can now also make your descriptions stand out with a rich description field: